DARSHAN DENTAL COLLEGE ALUMNI SOCIETY is a small beginning at the initiative of a few senior students. It has been a herculean task to make this alumni possible by the dedication and single-minded commitment of our founder office bearers. Right from 1999, when first of the students came to study in Darshan Dental College & Hospital, thousands have graduated and left portals of this institution. Shri VC Jain, the founder chairman of this institution laid the foundation brick and Shri Naresh Jain founder trustee took the institution further towards greater heights. For those who have known and seen him in the beginning, have memories strongly etched on their minds. The reins were then endowed upon present trustees Shri B R Agarwal and Shri J K Taliya who made this a post-graduation college and stronger for the future. So, here at DARSHAN DENTAL COLLEGE ALUMNI SOCIETY, we are working towards creating opportunities to network, share nostalgic moments, helping juniors and participate in the growth of your alma mater.

Reviving old memories, sharing past experiences is as good as listening and learning from other experiences. DDC Alumni Society aims at not only developing a healthy interaction between students and alumni but also strengthening strong ties. We want to instil a mutually beneficial bond between the institution and its alumni. This alliance would serve as a platform for alumni to stay connected with the events and new happenings in their alma mater, if possible even assist in its development. So far, we have been successful in strengthening and activating DDC networking.

Come, be a part of a growing legacy that spreads smile all around the globe. There is always a love that Darshanites share with the red bricks and green lawns of the campus. Let's take that further through this alumni society which will be a walking stick that will help the institution walk miles with every individual who has been nurtured by this institution.

1. Founder President: Dr. Vipul Asopa
2. Founder Vice President: Dr. Tanmay Sharma
3. Founder Secretary: Dr. Vatsala Singh
4. Founder Treasurer: Dr. Piyush Bolya
5. Founder EC members:
Dr. Ripudaman Sharma
Dr. Aniruddh Tak
Dr. Abhishek Singh Tanwar

List of present OFFICE BEARERS:
1. President: Dr. Tanmay Sharma
2. Vice President: Dr. Ripudaman Sharma
3. Secretary: Dr. Vatsala Singh
4. Treasurer: Dr. Piyush Bolya
5. Editor: Dr. Khalid Agwani
6. EC members:
Dr. Aniruddh Tak
Dr. Abhishek Singh Tanwar
Dr. Mansoor Saify
Dr. Siddharth Jain
Dr. Rutvik Trivedi

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