Dr. Nikenlemla “Comparison Of Microleakage Of Two Types Of Glass Ionomer Cements To Conditioned And Unconditioned Biodentine Surface- A Stereomicroscopic In vitro Study”
Dr. Tariq Shekh “Invitro Evaluation Of Microleakage Of Class II Posterior Composite Restorations With And Without Use Of Liner”
Dr. Megha Khatri “Comparative Evaluation Of Bonded Restoration On The Fracture Resistance Of Endodontically Treated Premolars- An In vitro Study”
Dr. Pratik Giri “Effect Of Different Chemical Irrigants On The Adhesive Bond Strength To Dentin- An In vitro Study”
Dr. Mahima Samar Jain “Comparative Evaluation Of Sealing Ability Of Three Different Material As Barriers To Coronal Microleakage In Root Filled Teeth- An In vitro Study”
Dr. Sagar “ To evaluate and compare the cleaning ability of different rotary systems for root canal preparation- An In vitro Study
Dr. Karishma “ Comparative Evaluation of shear bond strength of enamel using different bleaching protocols with two different bonding agents subsequent to the application of sodium ascorbate hydrogel- An In vitro Study”
Dr. Priyesh “Antibacterial efficacy of different root canal irrigants on E faecalis- An In vitro Study”
Dr. Naman “In vitro comparative evaluation of influence of different sports/ energy drinks and alcoholic beverages on the surface roughness of three different flowable esthetic restorative materials”
Dr. Vishal “Comparative Evaluation of Push out bond strength of various root canal sealers when tested within Intraradicular dentin: An In Vitro study
Dr. Rucha “ Comparative evaluation of anti microbial activity of Direct Pulp capping agents-An In vitro Study
Dr. Swati “ Comparative evaluation of the flwxural strength of four different commercially available esthetic restorative materials used for cervical restorations- An In vitro Study
Dr. Nikita “ An In vitro comparative evaluation of the effect of three different oral rinses on the microhardness of three different esthetic restorative materials