Library dissertations and thesis topics of post graduate students Completed projects

1. Dr. Bharat Sankhla Biospy Exfolative cytology of oral mucosa: “Morphology and cytomorphometric analysis of patients with Diabetes Mellitus”.
2. Dr. Vivek Singh Dahiya Autoimmune diseases Estimation of age using physiologic changes of teeth.
3. Dr. Poonam Monga Stem cells “A comparison of p53 protein expression with histopathological grading in oral squamous cell carcinoma”- A retrospective study.
4. Dr. Pramod Kumar Syndromes of head and neck. Epidemiological and analytical study of water fluoride level and its effect on hard tissues of domicile population.
5. Dr. Sandeep Jain Calcium and phosphorous metabolism and their significance. Evaluation of plasma lipid profile in head and neck cancer, oral submucous fibrosis and leukoplakia.
6. Dr. Manpreet Kaur Giant cell lesions. Evaluation of salivary levels of total protein, albumin, IgA, calcium, pH, flow rate and buffer capacity in different age groups of PDL disease patients.
7. Dr. Parvind Kumar Role of oral microbial flora in health and disease.
8. Dr. Navneet Singh Kathuria Benign fibro-osseous lesions. A comparative study of fluoride ingestion level, serum thyroid hormone and TSH level derangements, dental fluorosis status and dentition eruption alteration among school children from endemic and non-endemic fluorosis area
9. Dr. Rahul Chaplot Vesiculobullous lesions. Evaluation for quantitative parametric standardization of normal exfoliated buccal mucosal cells for age groups, sex groups and fixative types.
10. Dr. Anju Devi OSMF Study of inheritance analysis and evaluation of lip prints in individuals
11. Dr. Gagandeep Bhalla Tumor markers in oral neoplasia. Collagenase 3(MMP 13) in periapical lesions- IHC study.
12. Dr. Manju Chaudhary Oral epithelial dysplasia. Comparative analysis of salivary and serum IgA in recurrent apthous ulcer.
13 Dr. Vinayak Forensic dental photography Correlation between oral lesions and psychological factors in psychoactive substance users.
14. Dr. Gagandeep Sidhu Granulomatous diseases Evaluation of influence of diet alteration by probiotic on oral microflora and hence on caries incidence
15. Dr. Prabhpreet Oberoi Diseases of tongue Estimation of age based on tooth Cementum annulations using three light microscopy methods and comparison of age estimation using light microscopy and phase contrast microscopy
16. Dr. Sandeep Vyas Traumatic ulcers and differential diagnosis Epidemiological survey of caries risk assessment of rural 6 to 15 year old school children with respect to indirect causal factors
17. Dr. Garima Bhatt Role of cytology in oral lesions Effect of chronic nail biting in the oral carriage of Enterobacteriaceae
18. Dr. Kapil Karwasra Diagnostic Histochemistry Estimation and comparison of salivary calcium levels in smoker and non-smoker patients with or without periodontitis
19. Dr. Saurabh Jain The response of oral sub-mucous fibrosis to lycopene, vitamin A, betamethasone and hyaluronidase: A clinico-pathological study