Welcome to the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is specialty concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of acquired diseases, Dysfunction, Defects or injuries of the mouth, jaws, face, neck and adjacent regions. This department runs Undergraduate and Post Graduate clinics, operation theatre, and the wards in the college campus. Our Mission is to provide surgical services and patient care; contribute to basic research and train the future academic leaders of the profession.

Patients from all over Rajasthan and adjoining areas of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are benefited by the services provided by us. The residents are closely involved in patient management, under the direct supervision and guidance of the faculty. There is a special emphasis on pain control and training in anesthesia. We therefore ensure a comprehensive exposure in treatment planning, surgery and post operative care to our students.


The department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is well equipped for the staff, students and patients. Indoor patients and upto two attendants are given free lodging and food.

Facilities include :-

  • Ward with 13 Beds.
  • Operation Theatre (Oxygen Cylinder, Sevoflorane, Nitrogen Dioxide Gas, Pulse Oximeter, Emergency Equipment and Drugs, PRP Centrifuge.
  • Recovery Room With 2 Beds
  • Pantry Area
  • Seminar Room With LCD Projector
  • Library
  • Computer Room With Printer
  • Sterilization Room
  • Instruments Cabin (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
  • Separate Clinics For Undergraduate And Postgraduate
  • Lockers For Each Post Graduate Student
  • Implant Kit
  • Autoclave (Separate for Undergraduate and Postgraduate clinics)
  • Isolation chamber to treat HIV, HBsAg etc. patients
  • 39 Dental chairs
  • Individual operatory bay per Post Graduate Student