Welcome to Department of Preventive and Public Health Dentistry

  • Public Health Dentistry is the art of science and preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health through organizing community efforts.
  • By organizing and attending different outreach program, students can learn importance of prevention of disease, teamwork, group responsibility, communication skills, biostatics methods, etc.
  • The department is constantly working to promote oral health in rural, urban as well as tribal area situated in and nearby Udaipur district with available resources.
  • As we all know oral health care services are predominantly urban oriented, we strive to overcome this obstacle and make all specialty service available to rural population at their doorstep.
  • The department is working for the prevention of the diseases by organizing different-different awareness program at regular time interval. Eg-Celebration of AIDS Day, Tooth Brushing Day, World Health Day, etc.

Public health dentistry is one of the nine different specialized faculties of the dentistry. It is the art and science of prevention of oral disease, thereby promoting oral health care and raising the standards of life through the organized efforts of society. Therefore the branch is involved in the assessment of dental health needs and improving dental health of the population rather than individuals and is concerned primarily on prevention of oral disease.

We the Department of Public Health Dentistry conduct wide range of oral health programmes including the family health care and provide comprehensive treatment according to the needs of the individual. A special emphasis is given to the group of handicapped, mentally retarded and socially deprived people. Rays of services also cover the school children by conducting various School Dental Health Programmes well supported by different social service organizations, as we believe that each child is the future of nation and a future of the nation must indeed be a healthy one.


  • To conduct the research and to contribute to the production of scientific knowledge that will serve the mankind.
  • To elaborate socio-economic cultural diagnosis of community and to participate in epidemiological surveillance system.
  • Management and prevention of oral disease, promotion of oral health and treatment of all oral conditions to create a healthy environment.
  • Understand the needs of special groups (handicapped, mentally retarded and socially deprived community), encourage and motivate them to live in improved standards of life.