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Main Dissertation The antiplaque effect of herbal mouthwash in comparison to chlorhexidine in human gingival disease; A randomized placebo controlled clinical trial Dr. Ruchi Mitra
Main Dissertation Effect of chewing gum containing xylitol and sorbitol on salivary microflora (streptococcus and lactobacillai), plaque and gingiva Dr. Swapnil Oza
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Publication Assessment of Periodontal status in sickle cell anemia patients of Dhamtari district, Chattisgarh,India Dr. Sopan Singh
Publication Barriers to restorative care as perceived by dental patients attending Government hospitals in Udaipur city Dr. Sopan Singh
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Main dissertation Efficacy and comparison of herbal and conventional dentifrices in control of plaque and gingivitis - a randomized control trial Dr. Rupam Gupta