• The undergraduate course provides a thorough knowledge about the basics of the subject including the patient behaviour management and patient care under the law and code of ethics.
  • The undergraduates are taught to apply the theoretical knowledge clinically by recording the detailed case history of the patient, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning and management of the various conditions in pediatric patients.
  • They are also guided to inform, educate and motivate the patients along with their parents regarding maintenance of proper oral hygiene.
  • They are clinically exposed to high number of patients and are trained to provide the basic non-surgical procedures such as scaling, restoration and pulp therapies.


  • The clinical training program starts after 5 months with application of their skills and knowledge for comprehensive treatment of children which includes exercises on Dental anatomy, Orthodontics, Endodontics and Prosthodontics.
  • The programs are characteristically intensive and require organization, dedication, focus and hard work from the post graduates.
  • To train in evidence based specialty practice;
  • To insure a high level of competence in the diagnosis of oral diseases, treatment planning, behaviour management, comprehensive therapy and follow-up of patients after treatment in Pediatric dentistry.
  • To develop future leaders not only in the field of Pedodontics, but also in inter-department treatment modalities, with an emphasis on research and clinical expertise.
  • The philosophy of the course is to maximize the students' potential in clinical practice, teaching, and research. A flexible curriculum allows students to tailor courses to meet individual interest and needs. Strong emphasis is placed on developing scholarly ability and technical proficiency, while maintaining a sense of professional responsibility and social obligation.
  • The course duration is of 36 months.