Periodontology & Implants

  • The working of the department is purely based on ethics
  • The department is extended over a vast area and is clean & spacious with a large patient reception area.
  • The department is equipped with the high-quality equipment including different
    • Implant System
    • State of the art radio videography( RVG)
    • Soft tissue Diode laser
    • Digital Centrifugal Unit
  • The Department has a separate Clinical section for special procedures and air-conditioned seminar room for the discussion, presentation of recent researches, special cases by the graduates, post graduates and faculty members.
  • There is separate working area for the undergraduates and post graduates
  • Post graduate students are provided with independent cubicles with dental chairs and the associated necessary equipment.
  • The entire faculty are involved in teaching undergraduates and post graduates. They actively participate in basic/applied science researches and provide guidance to students for performing their didactic research projects.
  • The department empowers knowledge via Continuing dental education programs to practicing dentists and dental hygienists In the area of periodontal examination, diagnosis, treatment planning outcome assessments in otherwise healthy as well as medically compromised patients


  • Undergraduate students are trained with skills to render non-surgical and preventive periodontal procedures and are introduced to surgical periodontal procedures by observing and assisting as procedures are being performed
  • Postgraduate students are given opportunity to learn and master a variety of surgical clinical procedures
  • Hands on training in various implant systems and clinical exposure to use of lasers is being imparted as part of the curriculum.
  • Rural community camps provide students with an opportunity to be a part of public health programs.

Core Competencies

  • Preventative Periodontal Therapy
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery
  • Local Drug Delivery
  • Implants

“The Department focuses on making the learning environment conducive for students to achieve their goals in life with a unique curriculum that is a spectacular fusion of the best practices of the east and west”