The Periodontal treatment is available for dental patients needing wide variety of periodontal care. These services include:


  • Treatment of periodontal diseases or "pyorrhea" that affect the gums and/or bone and other tissues supporting the teeth. This may include surgical and/or non-surgical therapy.
  • Non-surgical procedures include scaling, root planning and splinting.
  • Surgeries include curettage, Gingivectomy, Conventional flap surgery ,Resective osseous surgery and Regenerative surgery (bone grafting and GTR,GBR).
  • Management of periodontal diseases in patients at high risk for periodontitis such as individuals with diabetes, or who smoke.
  • Treatment of patients with special medical needs including patients with immuno-compromised health status, organ transplantation, HIV infection and other medically compromised conditions.


  • Treatment of gum recession with gum grafting .
  • Treatment of shallow vestibule i.e Vestibuloplasty.
  • Other procedures like Frenectomy, Gingivoplasty and Depigmentation of gums
  • Crown lengthening (exposure of tooth structure) to improve aesthetics or to allow for tooth restoration, filling, or placement of crowns.
  • Procedures that help to achieve optimal orthodontic results.


  • Replacement of missing teeth with either single or multiple dental implants.


  • The department offers a full range of high quality general, specialty, and emergency periodontal care and the treatment offered to the patients.
  • Dental care is extended by pre-doctoral dental students or post-doctoral dental residents provide treatment under the guidance of highly qualified Faculty and professionals.
  • There is large OPD of patients and all patients are treated with high sterilization standards under stringent asepsis conditions.
  • The patients are recalled on the appointment basis to prevent the unnecessary delay or waiting. Emergency cases are handled on arrival.
  • All patients are equally taken care by their respective Periodontists and are individually attended.