Best paper presentations

  • IAFO Conference, 2010- Chelioscopy.
  • IAOMR conference, 2010- Facial palsy in poliomyelitis.
  • OOO Symposium, 2011- Salivary mRNA in cancer Diagnostics.
  • Rajasthan State IDA conference, 2012- Role of Dental Imaging on Forensic Dentistry.
  • Triple O symposium, March 2015-Stem cells – A game changer in Dentistry.
  • 29th IAOMR national conference, 2017- Observational study in treatment of OSMF and leukoplakia using curcumin.

Best Poster presentations

  • CDE Programme held at Pacific dental college, Udaipur, march 2014-Acupuncture in dentistry.
  • Third international conference, green health, Feb 2015-EGCG: a promising anticancer phytochemical.

Postgraduate students & interested under graduate students are encouraged to present at least one poster & one scientific paper presentation in various state as well as in national conferences.

Other Achievements

Dr. Barnanshu Pattnaik and Dr. Monika Kumari secured distinction with 79% (Ist rank in Post graduate examination Darshan dental college) in year 2017.

First prize won in essay writing competition by third year student, Avantika Pander at International day of Radiology held at Pacific dental college on 8th Nov 2017.