Batch 2017-2020

  • A comparative evaluation of direct and indirect 3D digitization techniques for digital CAD-CAM data using different impression materials.
  • A comparative evaluation of the effect of fabrication steps on marginal accuracy of zirconia and polyether ether keton (PEEK) crowns.
  • A comparative evaluation of the internal fit and microleakage of zirconia and polyether ether keton (PEEK) crowns.

Batch 2016-2019

  • A clinical comparative study of accuracy of different interocclusal recording material with cephalometric technique for calculating condylar guidance.
  • A comparison of accuracy of clinical techniques for recording condylar guidance with radiographically calculated condylar guidance.
  • An in-vitro study to evaluate the effect of commercially available dentifrices on demineralization and remineralization of overdenture abutments.

Batch 2015-2018

  • Comparative evaluation of accuracy of implant impression technique using advanced tray design- an invitro study.
  • An invitro evaluation of wear resistance and hardness of commercially available denture teeth- A comparative study.
  • An invitro evaluation of surface roughness of dental ceramics caused by different scaling methods


Batch 2014-2017

  • To evaluate and compare fracture toughness and microhardness of different commercially available provisional material used in fixed prosthodontics.
  • To evaluate the efficacy of microwave disinfection and its effect on dimensional stability of polyether impression material.
  • To evaluate and compare the flexural strength and elastic modulous of different commercially available provisional material used in fixed prosthodontics
  • To evaluate and compare the effect of denture cleansers on mechanical properties of different denture base materials.

Batch 2013-2016

  • Accuracy of implant impression made with open tray technique using different impression materials- an in vitro study.
  • Comparison of marginal and internal fit of CAD/CAM and pressable copings
  • Effect of addition of chlorhexidinediacetate/ cetrimide on the antibacterial activity and other physical properties of conventional luting cement (zinc phosphate).
  • Effect of denture cleansers on color stability, surface roughness and hardness of different types of denture base resin.

Batch 2012-2015

  • The effect of accelerated aging on the colour stability of maxillofacial elastomers coated with different photoprotective agents- an in vitro comparative study
  • Evaluation and comparison and of effect of ceramic firing on marginal accuracy of cast and CAD-CAM metal copings
  • Comparison of accuracy of working casts obtained from impressions made with and without splinting material with advanced stock tray and custom tray- an in-vitro study
  • To evaluate and compare the transient heat transfer to the implant during abutment preparation using different burs.

Batch 2011-2014

  • An in-vitro comparative study of sorption and solubility of different soft liners
  • Effect of different drinks and nicotine on colour stability of denture base acrylic resins.
  • Evaluation and comparison of thermal changes in pulp chamber during direct fabrication of provisional restorations – an in-vitro study.
  • Dimensional accuracy and surface detail reproduction of elastomeric impression materials.

Batch 2010-2013

  • Comparative evaluation of interim restoration fabricated from four provisional restorative materials : an in-vitro study
  • Comparative evaluation of diametral tensile strength of composite core resin with different non-metallic posts: an vitro study.
  • Casting produced with ringless and metal ring investment systems: an in-vitro study.
  • Comparative evaluation of clinical efficacy of different commercially available gingival retraction systems: an in vivo study.
  • Comparative evaluation of microleakage of metallic copings luted with three different commercially available luting cements: an in-vitro study

Batch 2009-2012

  • Sorption and solubility of different luting cements in different solutions.
  • Evaluation of accuracy of different impression technique for implant prosthesis- a comparative study.
  • Evaluation and comparison of wear of commercially available composite veneering resins- an in-vitro study

Batch 2008-2011

  • A comparative evaluation of properties of zirconia reinforced high impact acrylic resin with that of high impact acrylic resin.
  • To study the prevalence of complete edentulousness among rural & urban population of Udaipur district of Rajasthan in relation to age & gender
  • A comparative evaluation of dimensional accuracy of three improved alginates with polyvinyl silicone impression material.

Batch 2007-2010

  • A laboratory study to evaluate and compare the impact strength of aluminium powder reinforced regular and high impact acrylic resins with that of the commercially available regular and high impact acrylic resins.
  • A comparative clinical study to determine and correlate the tooth size, shape & shade of maxillary central incisor and facial form among different communities.
  • Evaluate and compare flow and dimensional accuracy of different commercially available zinc oxide eugenol impression materials: an in vitro study.

Batch 2006-2009

  • A clinical study to correlate shade of maxillary central incisor with the commercially available available acrylic & porcelain shade guides in relation to people of Udaipur district of different age groups.
  • A study to correlate combined mesiodistal width of six anterior natural teeth with that of commercially available artificial teeth among Rajasthan population.
  • A clinical survey to determine the awareness & preference of needs of a complete denture among complete edentulous patients.